Cameo Artist Interview

Cameo - Vimeo's answer to video editing apps like Instagram and Vine - licensed some of Danielle's songs and did a quick interview with her.  Head to their blog to read the whole thing or check out excerpts below.

"New York-based Danielle Eva Schwob’s intense blend of confessional lyrics and intricate, yet unpredictable, melodies and arrangements has not gone unnoticed by critics. The New Yorker described her as a “notable cross-genre composer” while Time Out New York dubbed her a “worldly musical chameleon [and] genre-bending composer.” 

Cameo is incredibly lucky to feature tracks off Danielle’s“Overloaded” EP within the app. Eager to become BFFs, we caught up with her while she was in Toronto recording her debut, full-length album.

What’s your favorite link on the internet right now?

I’ve been laughing about the Jeff Goldblum “Hahahrawrrahaha” song for months and then I also quite enjoyed Billy Corgan’s PAWS magazine cover. Other than that I spend a lot of time going down the YouTube black hole and watching videos of other musicians’ live shows. Having a virtually unlimited archive of this stuff is incredible.

If you could watch anyone from history’s Cameo, who would it be?

Probably Gloria Steinem. Feminism seems to be making a comeback these days and it would have been amazing to get an insider’s perspective on those earlier conversations.

Favorite thing?

Quite excited about the new synth I just bought - a Prophet 8. I like my cat a lot too, although I don’t think it would be fair to count him as a thing.

Best film score ever?

No way I can pick one so here’s a laundry list: “Waltz With Bashir”, “Koyaanisqatsi”, “Zodiac”, “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, ‘The Dark Knight”, “Jurassic Park” and “Sunset Boulevard."